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On this page you will find resources to learn French such as videos and also links to other Educational resources and favourites websites including other tutors that I recommend for tutoring other subjects.


Other tutors that I recommend for different subjects

Languages teachers

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Daniela German Teacher

Daniela - German teacher and tutor
Daniela is a German native speaker with more than 20 years experience in teaching and tutoring kids, teenagers and adults. She offers German lessons for all ages and levels.
Learn German with fun and lessons, that a tailored to the student's needs!
You can find her on facebook at AllAboutGerman - German lessons and translations, or you can email her a


Lucia Thalhammer Italian/German Teacher
ITALIAN / GERMAN TEACHER Qualified teacher (M.A., B.A.) with 10 years experience in teaching in different countries (Germany, UK, Australia) offers private tuitions to adults, seniors and children at all levels from beginners to conversation courses.
A presto! Bis bald! Lucia You can reach Lucia at or 0481794510


Hi there! Victoria here! I am a wife, mom, certified teacher, online reading tutor, and an entrepreneur. 
My Brain Builders Online Tutoring was created out of a longing to help struggling readers become successful, strong readers who can thrive in the world and be lifelong learners. As a certified teacher, I spent five years teaching in the public school system and witnessed first-hand the overwhelming need for students to build their foundational reading skills. 

When a child is struggling to read, it impacts every aspect of their learning and weakens their self-confidence. With personalized online tutoring, your child can become a confident reader and close a year's reading gap with just 8-12 weeks of instruction. 

I am dedicated to helping children DISCOVER that they CAN overcome their struggle and CONQUER reading!



Terri Grigsby Online Math Tutor specialising in Geometry and Algebra.

Are you struggling to help your children with their math?  Terri Grigsby can help.  She is an Online Math Tutor who specializes in Algebra and Geometry.  Terri also taught high school and college math for 30 years.  She knows how to make the math easy to understand by teaching to your child’s learning style.  Terri believes every student can be successful in math.  By building each person’s confidence in math, your child will believe it too.




Rhonda Taylor Teacher of Maths and English to primary students/ Business and Legal studies for high school students

I am a career teacher with extensive experience in both the primary and secondary sector of education. I am a lifelong learner with a strong belief that all students are different and we all learn in different ways and at different paces. Some students need an extra boost to get started and some need some extension to stay motivated. I have a Business degree and a Masters degree in Education. I teach English and Maths to primary students and all Business subjects and Legal Studies to high school students. You can find me on facebook under - Learning without Labels or Phone 0418155242 for more information.


Sonia Teach Online Maths / ADHD Tutor

Sonia is an online math tutor for children with ADHD and other learning challenges. She tutors children from 2nd - 7th grade. Each tutoring session is customized based on a child’s unique interests and strengths. Through tutoring, children increase their self-confidence and learn to take ownership over their learning. Her mission is to equip children with the tools they need to be successful, so they no longer need a tutor! Contact Sonia at


Ashley Di Mercurio online Reading Tutor

Ashley has over 10 years of education experience and has been teaching reading and English online for over a year as of Fall 2018. She recently completed the Reading Interventionist Certification and is using that to help her students close their reading gap. She has a positive attitude and her superpower is connecting with her students so that they feel comfortable learning with her. Contact her on her website.Online reading tutor

Online tutor

Elaine Lingard Primary Mathematics and English Tutor

Elaine Lingard is a Primary Mathematics and English tutor who has vast experience in education. She is a fully qualified teacher with 25 years of teaching experience, including senior management.  She has a B.Ed. Hons degree from Reading University UK, as well as Diplomas in Educational Psychology, Autism Awareness, and Performance Coaching. Elaine had helped to run a successful centre in the UK for 4 years before opening her own very successful centre in Ireland in 2016.  She tutors in-person at her centre and also works with students aged 5-12 years online in Mathematics and English and can really make a difference in your child's learning. To find out more, visit her website at  or the Facebook page at


Favourite Resources and websites

Le Toboggan book store is located in Perth and offers multi languages books for children. Feel free to contact Filipa who will suggest to you the most suitable book for your child. Le Toboggan book store


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