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Ma routine quotidienne audio+ texte

Je me réveille à six heures, je me lève puis je prends une douche. A six heures et demie je m'habille. Ensuite je déjeune et à sept heures et demi et je vais à l'école. J'arrive à lécole à huit heures. Je finis l'école à trois heures. Je fais mes devoirs à quatre heures. Je dîne à six heures. Je regarde la télévision à sept heures. Je me couche à huit heures et demie.


My daily routine

I wake up at six o'clock. I get up. Then I have a shower. At six thirty I get dressed. Then I have breakfast. A seven thirty I go to school. I arrive at school at  eight o'clock. I finish school at three o'clock. I do my homework at four o'clock. I have dinner at six o'clock. I watch television at seven o' clock. I go to bed at eight thirty.

When we speak we often say the time such as trois heures (3 o'clock) instead  of using 15 heures ( hours). For more formal situation such as timetable we use the 24 hour clock.