French bilingual story

French Free Bilingual Book for Children - The numbers- Les chiffres

Audio books are a great way to learn French . Here is a book illustrated and written by Boxy.

Les chiffres en francais

This beautiful illustrated book was created by Boxy and I was lucky to get the opportunity to be able to record my audio voice to this book. The audio book allows the children to learn a language online for free. On the Boxy website you will find several free bilingual books for children.

A Bilingual French and English story for children "Le Petit Poulet"

IMG_5202.jpg le petit poulet

I have found as a French language teacher that using stories and videos is a great way to engage children and adults in learning a language. This audio story will help the students to practice their listening of the language whilst learning new vocabulary. This resource can be used with or without subtitles. Teachers of French as well as children learning French will enjoy this fun and delightful audio bilingual story which is a retelling of the story of Chicken Little by The Fable cottage. This read along book can be adapted to the speed of the reader and the level of French of the French students. This French online children’s story is one of the stories that you can find on The fable cottage website. You will be pleased with the variety of bilingual audio stories from different languages on that site.

The French experiment has also some good bilingual stories.

How to use this video?

1- There are subtitles in French and English .Select them (or switch them off ) using the CC icon.

2- If you select “ search video” from the CC menu ( or click the little arrow next to any subtitle). It will give you a list of all the subtitles.You can click on a subtitle to jump to that phrase. Good for practicing phrases.

3- You can listen to the story faster using the cog icon. Faster is quite fast.