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Les actions des animaux audio book

Bonjour, Here is my newest audio book about actions and animals. I believe that audio books are very engaging for children. In this book I decided to not only record my voice but also post a video . Let me know in comments if you prefer the voice recording only without the video

Bon Appétit Monsieur Lapin and some of my top favourite blogs

IMG_5522 (1).jpg bon appetit monsieur lapin.jpg

This book called Bon appetit Monsieur Lapin written by Claude Boujon ,1985 and published by l’école des loisirs has been a popular book to read along activities to do with my young students. So I decided to put together a serie of different blogs that have produced and shared activites relating to that album. The blogs are not in order of preferences but written as a list of resources for students and French teachers.

  1. A nice blog La maternelle de Laurène blog has some great activities to download.

2. A great blog by Zaubette is quite good with some good exercises and colourful activities to print out.

3. La classe de Ludivine is very informative and has many document to download for free

4. Dessine-moi une histoire. is a mine of great resources for French teachers and many activities to read and to explore and so many albums to discover.

5. Materalbumfree has lots of links and files relating to the book bon appetit monsieur lapin.

6. Le stylodevero has so many great documents to exploit vocabulary and reading comprehension

7. L ‘école des crevettes has many ideas to exploit this album and creating art projects.

This is not an exhaustive list and feel free to comment and suggest other blogs to add to this list.

A Bilingual French and English story for children "Le Petit Poulet"

IMG_5202.jpg le petit poulet

I have found as a French language teacher that using stories and videos is a great way to engage children and adults in learning a language. This audio story will help the students to practice their listening of the language whilst learning new vocabulary. This resource can be used with or without subtitles. Teachers of French as well as children learning French will enjoy this fun and delightful audio bilingual story which is a retelling of the story of Chicken Little by The Fable cottage. This read along book can be adapted to the speed of the reader and the level of French of the French students. This French online children’s story is one of the stories that you can find on The fable cottage website. You will be pleased with the variety of bilingual audio stories from different languages on that site.

The French experiment has also some good bilingual stories.

How to use this video?

1- There are subtitles in French and English .Select them (or switch them off ) using the CC icon.

2- If you select “ search video” from the CC menu ( or click the little arrow next to any subtitle). It will give you a list of all the subtitles.You can click on a subtitle to jump to that phrase. Good for practicing phrases.

3- You can listen to the story faster using the cog icon. Faster is quite fast.

My Australian Christmas audio book in French


Santa goes in holidays in Australia

This small audio book is written in French at a slow speed to allow the readers to follow the words in the text. This is a story of Santa who decides that he wants to leave the North Pole to spend some time in a warm country like Australia during December and get to meet different characters along the way who are worried that Santa might not deliver presents to them on time that year. At the end of the book if you click on the Advent calendar you get a new story or song for each day of the month of December.