French lessons

Les trois petits cochons un livre audio adapté

This book was made with Book creator. I also make books with my students and many of them make their own books. It is a nice way to engage the students to read and learn French. The simplicity of making these books allows everyone to try to be creative in writing and editing their own books.

Ce petit livre audio des trois petits cochons est adapté . Ce livre audio permet aux enfants qui apprennent le français de comprendre plus facilement l’histoire puisque qu’ils connaissent déjà le livre en anglais. Le livre aide les apprenants à développer la bonne prononciation des mots. Il y aussi des mots de vocabulaire à la fin du livre supporter l’apprentissage.

Voila aussi une célèbre comptine française très populaire avec les enfants composée vers le 17 ième siècle. J ‘écoutais cette chanson quand j ‘étais enfant et il y a quelques années . C’est aussi une chanson appréciée des enfants qui sollicite le systeme cardio-vasculaire et améliore la perception spatiale. Les enfants dansent et circulent dans la salle et la fin de la chanson courent pour s’enfuir du loup et cette course amuse toujours les jeunes enfants.


Loup y es-tu? book By Louis Ramos

Il y a aussi beaucoup de livres populaires avec un loup comme personnage principal entre autres un livre qui s’appelle “loup y es-tu? “ par Mario Ramos de l’édition école des loisirs . Lire en français et écouter des histoires en français est une très bonne façon d’apprendre et de stimuler l’imagination des enfants. Les chansons sont aussi très populaires pour les enfants autant que les adultes.


10 Basic French pronunciation tips for travel

Have  you ever found yourself  trying to ask the basic questions in French and not be able to be understood? I agree with you that it can get frustrating so i decide to put together a list of some useful and basic French phrases with pronunciation audio which will help you communicate with locals when travelling to France or other French countries. Being able to say some basic vocabulary will be appreciated when chatting with the locals. The locals really like when tourist make an effort to try to speak French.



1. Je voudrais une baguette s'il vous plait

I would like a baguette please


2. Où est la tour Eiffel?

Where is the Eiffel tower?


3. Je voudrais l'addition s'il vous plait

I would like the bill please


4. Pouvez vous répétez s'il vous plait

Could you repeat please?


5. Je voudrais un billet aller-retour pour Paris s'il vous plait. C'est combien?

I would like a return ticket for Paris please. How much is it?

un billet aller simple

a single ticket


6. A quelle heure part le train pour Bordeaux?

At what time is the train for Bordeaux?


7.Bonjour - hello    Bonsoir - good evening

Salut - hi           Au revoir - good bye


8. S'il vous plait - please

 Merci - Thank you


9. Je voudrais acheter un cadeau de Noël

Où est le magasin le plus proche?

I would like to buy a Christmas present where is the closest shop?


10. les villes -The cities in France- Lille - Paris- Strasbourg- Lyon -Nice- Montpellier Marseille- Toulouse- Rennes- Nantes

The limits of my language means the limit of my world
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Do you Fear speaking French?

I wanted to discuss this topic as this issue I believe is quite frequent when students are learning a new language. The fear is quite real for many students learning a language.

I have been Teaching French for several years and I have been able to observe adults and children learning French. I have seen students trying to repeat words and try to make phrases and simply having a go. I have also seen several students telling me that they will try to repeat the words only when they know how to pronounce the words. The fear of speaking the language is often due to the fact that those students worry about what other people might think or say. Overcoming that fear is very important in the acquisition of a language.

I do believe that when a student tries to  say the words in a foreign language out loud they get a mental memory of the sounds of the words. The sound of vowels that you will say might not be exactly like a French native speaker but as long as you are able to say the words and being understood that is the first step to be able to communicate. The student does not need to learn the correct spelling at first but should try to hear and repeat the sound. You will learn to speak French in trying to speak French. This article is written based  on my own personal experiences as a French teacher.


Learning a langage opens so many doors 

French holiday Lessons


If you looking for something to do during the school holidays .I will be running some French lessons for children's at Holland Park from the 3rd to the 5th April. Adult lessons will also be available for adults over the school holidays. The children's lesson will include stories, songs, craft all running in French. The adults lessons will still be running in cafes or another suitable location.Why not get a group of people together to have French lessons ?

contact Let's Speak French for more info 


Let's Speak French Cafe lessons

Café lessons with Let’s Speak French in Brisbane

Let’s Speak French is starting a new year with new locations for cafes lessons. The lessons are designed to make It easier for the students to learn French without the pressure of text books or classroom settings when making it more comfortable to chat in a more relaxed setting. The groups are small so students can enjoy chatting in French and making friends while learning.

The whole idea of learning French for some students is for travel while for others it is to socialise and keep their brain active. No matter the reason you want to learn, learning a language is always fun and useful. Some students may wish to attend private lessons to prepare for their high school test or university exams, or wish to work in a French speaking country where they are required to do the DELF or DALF cc vtest.

The locations for lessons are varied to suit the needs of students.

In Kenmore in the western suburbs of Brisbane the French lessons take place at the Lets’ Speak French office where you can enjoy a coffee while learning French.

Monday morning lessons are at café Lagarto 5 minutes outside of the Samford village in the Lifestyle Centre located in a peaceful location in a garden setting among the flowers.

The students can enjoy a casual French conversation, make friends while learning new vocabulary in French, some rules or the pronunciation of French words while having a nice cuppa with a piece of cake or a nice fresh healthy juice.

Tuesday morning lessons are at the Flying Nun Café which is located in Samford in the beautiful setting of the old Uniting Church next to this nice retro, antiques shop named Urban Dweller. They do have great choices of healthy fresh juice, coffee and cakes or why not trying their great breakfast while learning some French conversation and useful phrases for your next trip?

Tuesday lessons take place in the country like surrounding in Anstead at the Hawkes and Crosby Café in the western suburbs of Brisbane where students could enjoy French lessons on the verandah while sipping on a healthy fresh juice or a nice coffee and delicious cakes.

Wednesday, Thursday mornings and Saturday morning lessons are at the Kenmore office. Friday lunch lessons are in Jindalee or Sinnamon Park local cafés.

The students’ feedback has been positive regarding the French café lessons.

The 10 Best Websites to help you Speak French

Have you been trying to find sites to learn French and find yourself clicking over and over just to realize you wasted you time as the site is not providing you with any tips or ways to learn French ?

You are not alone !! The internet is an electronic jungle where it is easy to get lost.Choosing the right website depends on your needs and your level of French.

To learn French you will need to listen to audio video, French films or even some small film trailers. You need to speak French to improve it. If you can be immersed in a French speaking country it will help you improve your French quicker. Several apps and sites can help you learn how to pronounce words and learn basic structure of phrases so you are able to be understood. Several websites will help you achieve those goals and below I listed some of my favourites.

1. Apprendre le français avec TV5MONDE

A great site with plenty of resources for teachers and students.You will be able to do grammar exercises on-line, watch films or video trailers with transcript. The site is divided in different levels from beginners to advanced.

2. Le Point du FLE

This great website offers many on-line exercises. A mine of resources for teachers and students learning French. This site covers grammar topics as well as culture topic and songs .

3. Podcast Français Facile

I love this site for dialogue and videos with transcript .The videos are made for different levels of French learning. The video topics varies from dialogue at the restaurant to job interview dialogues.

4. Learn French with French today

You will be learning so much visiting this site. This site covers grammar  topics, audio, common expressions in French, French culture and places to visit in France.

5. BBC site MaFrance

Great videos which are set in different parts of France. Lots of repetitions and dialogues written under each videos.

6. Duolingo

This app has been recommended to me over and over again. The students love it as they can listen to the audio and types the correct phrase and the app won't let you move further until you pass the level. 

7. News in slow French

If you find it difficult to listen to the news in French this site is broadcast with slower phrases to help student learners listen to the news.

8. Learn French with Alexa

 This youtube video is so easy to listen and learn French. Alexa is so funny and engaging and makes French easy to learn . 

9. Le toboggan bookstore

This is a book shop that offer multilingual engaging books for  children from so many cultures. This site has a great  variety of books for children in different languages.It is well worth a visit .It enables you to order some great books on-line.

10. Le forum bookstore

This book store provides great variety of books, magazines, games and music for adults and children in French . The books and magazines and all different products can be ordered on-line.