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Let's Speak French Cafe lessons

Café lessons with Let’s Speak French in Brisbane

Let’s Speak French is starting a new year with new locations for cafes lessons. The lessons are designed to make It easier for the students to learn French without the pressure of text books or classroom settings when making it more comfortable to chat in a more relaxed setting. The groups are small so students can enjoy chatting in French and making friends while learning.

The whole idea of learning French for some students is for travel while for others it is to socialise and keep their brain active. No matter the reason you want to learn, learning a language is always fun and useful. Some students may wish to attend private lessons to prepare for their high school test or university exams, or wish to work in a French speaking country where they are required to do the DELF or DALF cc vtest.

The locations for lessons are varied to suit the needs of students.

In Kenmore in the western suburbs of Brisbane the French lessons take place at the Lets’ Speak French office where you can enjoy a coffee while learning French.

Monday morning lessons are at café Lagarto 5 minutes outside of the Samford village in the Lifestyle Centre located in a peaceful location in a garden setting among the flowers.

The students can enjoy a casual French conversation, make friends while learning new vocabulary in French, some rules or the pronunciation of French words while having a nice cuppa with a piece of cake or a nice fresh healthy juice.

Tuesday morning lessons are at the Flying Nun Café which is located in Samford in the beautiful setting of the old Uniting Church next to this nice retro, antiques shop named Urban Dweller. They do have great choices of healthy fresh juice, coffee and cakes or why not trying their great breakfast while learning some French conversation and useful phrases for your next trip?

Tuesday lessons take place in the country like surrounding in Anstead at the Hawkes and Crosby Café in the western suburbs of Brisbane where students could enjoy French lessons on the verandah while sipping on a healthy fresh juice or a nice coffee and delicious cakes.

Wednesday, Thursday mornings and Saturday morning lessons are at the Kenmore office. Friday lunch lessons are in Jindalee or Sinnamon Park local cafés.

The students’ feedback has been positive regarding the French café lessons.